Christchurch Boys High School Hall, Christchurch

Architect/Designer: Jasmax Christchurch     Contractor/Installer: Dominion Flooring

Christchurch Boys High School Hall

The brief for the new hall at Christchurch Boys High School was to create a multi-use space that enhances the connectivity of the school, while reinforcing the school heritage and heart.

This was cleverly achieved by Jasmax in Christchurch by designing a contemporary building that included many historical elements, such as the WWII Memorial Doors, and past headmasters portraits.  Wall panelling and windows connected the new work with the existing buildings.

Shaw Material Matter Fringe 18x36 carpet tiles were used in the area due to the strong lines with textural changes.  The colours selected fitted in with the school colours and the yarn highlights complemented the interior wood details while the 18x36 planks allowed for the random pattern with some wedge shaped tiles which replicates the façade pattern.

The hall not only gives Christchurch Boys High School a place where all boys can be seated, it has also given them a source of pride and a standard to align the development of the rest of the school.

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