Curved Stairnosing

Product information

Curved stairs add aesthetic appeal to any space but traditionally incur complications such as increased cost and lead times due to customization and design.

To remedy this, Tredsafe has created a convenient two-part system that allows for ease of installation for a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. These two-part nosings can be filled with your choice of colours, from Tredsafe's subtle and safety insert ranges.

Tredsafe has also reengineered two of its most popular nosings, AA123 (carpet) and AA125 (uncovered), allowing architects and designers to confidently specify curved stairs without adding time or expenses to the project.

AA123CN, stair nosing for carpeted stairs, with a 47mm right angle riser and 53mm insert.

AA125CN, stair nosing for uncovered and wooden stairs. With a 24mm rake-back drop riser and ramped back edge to minimalize trip hazards on uncovered stairs. Fits singular 53mm insert.

Profiles are available in natural satin and 2.5m lengths. Each profile has a minimum radius to ensure the profiles ae not overextended and don't occur product defects.

For further information, step by step installation guides and technical data sheets can be located on the Tredsafe website.